Setting goals that you will achieve

I love setting goals! What I enjoy even more is following them through and getting the result I want. Whether the goal be for career, fitness or finance the same rules apply to them all in order to make them lasting and attainable.

Have short, medium an longterm goals

Having an overall dream is great, but without breaking this down into smaller steps you will never be able to bring the dream to fruition. A rough timeline for short term ( less than 1 year), mid (1-5 years) and long term (5+ years).  Be as clear as you can with each of your goals.

For example if you want to become the Chief Officer of Operations for a company the below may be included on your list:

  • Get a job in operations
  • Complete a management course
  • Understand how the operations at your company are run.
  • Apply for promotion. 

I expect you will dig into the process for breaking down your goals a lot further than list above. With all the goals I have ever worked towards and achieved I have found it very important to have a set date for when they need to be achieved. You can download my printable pdf to help with this process. 

Have motivation – Vision boards, an aim for your goal

Emotional ques and vision boards really help to make your goals resinantee and will help you feel motivated to reach them. Reminding yourself of why you are quitting a habit or working on creating a new one will make you feel more in control.

I have vision boards for my short term goals; these can be found in my planner, in my Pinterest and on my bedroom wall. Pretty much everywhere I look at least once a day I will see a reminder of what I am working towards. Keeping your goal in the forefront of your mind will help you from going astray and potentially eating that cheese burger that won’t help with your Bech body for summer.

For longer term goals I prefer to have written statements as to why I am working towards them, or how I will feel once they have been achieved. Having emotional ties will help you commit to it completely to what you are working for and remind you the why the hard work is always worth it.


Calculate the steps needed to stay on track  – make it fund

Now you know what your goals are and have the motivation behind you to take the steps needed to achieve them you need to solidify the actions. If the goal is financial divide your short term aim into monthly saving steps to make sure the result can be achieved.

For example, if you plan on having £6,000.00 saved in a year for your fancy new car you will need to take £6,000.00/12 months = £500.00 that needs to be saved each month. This needs to be done for each goal whether the actions be broken down into figures, calories or time. 

Have a priority – If your life is to become busy how will you make sure to continue to make progress

It is important that you have a priority list for your gaols which are over the same period of time. As I have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic from this year not all goals can be met when there are changes to our lifestyles especially those which are outside our control and therefore it is important to know which goals rank highest in terms of time, benefit and financial cost. 

Watch out for my next post where we look at creating a monthly budget which accommodates for your goal



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