Holiday Packing List – The Essentials Every Girl Needs For A Long Haul Flight

Who doesn’t love a holiday? I for one cannot wait to sun it up in beautiful Mexico this year, but the plane journey can be tedious and I can’t be the only person who could really do without it!

Sitting in an uncomfortable seat for 9+ hours in a confined space with nothing but free time is both a blessing and a true test of will. I thought I would share the list of things needed to keep me sane whilst on a long journey.

Here are my 20 essential items;

Noise Cancelling Headphones – I purchased these after borrowing my mum’s on my last flight, there’s no way I can binge watch tv shows and films if I can’t hear a word that’s being said. They’re also great when you’re trying to get some shut eye; you’ll hear no screaming childeren or annoying plane buzz just silence.

Eye Patches – Travelling + different time zones = jet lag. Bags under your eyes are bound to appear, which are a no no when you’re as pale as me, I literally look like the walking dead. I always apply brightening pads about half hour before landing to make my eyes feel a little less heavy.

Water Bottle – Dehydration is a huge factor of flying and the tiny cups you’re given never seem to be big enough. A friend told me about travelling with an empty bottle and kindly asking a flight attendant to fill it up.

Moisturiser – I hate dry hands so much as you would know if you read my bag essentials post which is why hand cream is a no brainier on a plane for me .

Socks There is literally nothing better than feeling comfortable on any journey. Spending hours in shoes is just not fun; keeping a pair of fluffy socks in you bag will allow you to keep my toes warm and not make your toes feel suffocated.

Eye Cover Travel is exhausting! I try to get an hour or two of sleep when I am going on a long journey. However if it’s daytime hours from whichever country you depart from then the cabin is kept bright; having a cover makes getting my much needed beauty sleep a little easier.

Note Book and Pen Watching films,sleeping and books are all great at keeping you occupied whilst flying, but they never beat jotting down note or writing out rough posts. I always seem to get a billion ideas hit me at once so a notepad allows me to write them down quickly and order them later. The pen is also super hand on long haul flights as it is highly likely you’ll have to fill in immigration and customs form – if you fill these out inflight getting through customs at your destination should be a breeze.

Chewing gum After binging on sweets, drinking a sugary drink and having a nap it’s nice to freshen your breath with a chewing gum. I used to take a toothbrush, but I despise airplane bathrooms so brushing my teeth used to be such a chore.

Concealer I try and detoxify my skin before a holiday so I don’t have to be self conscious of acne, unfortunately bags under my eyes never get the message. I take some concealer to try and lightly cover them if they’re really bad.

Stress Check Roller  – This stuff is amazing. It helps me sleep, calms my nerves and smells gorgeous.

Hoodie Comfort is key, for that reason a warm hoodie is ideal. It works as a pillow, blanket and a shield from nasty air-con which is always left on too long.

Hand Sanitiser I’m a bit of a germ phobe, thinking about how many hands have touched the escalator rail or even the toilet door handle makes me freak out, which is why I always have a hand sanitiser in my travel bag.

Book/Kindle I will always prefer a physical book over a kindle book, however for ease 9 time out of ten my kindle is where my books are stored. Mainly due to the sheer amount you can fit on one device and the space they save in your bag!

Wet Hairbrush Any hairbrush will do, but my wet hairbrush is by far the best I’ve used and they are fairly small making them perfect for travel!

Dry Shampoo I live for dry shampoo it’s my second love after my boyfriend! With your head rubbing against the back of a dirty chair for hours on end sometimes it’s nice to freshen up when you’re about to get off the plane.

Battery Charger – With all the electrical devices we carry these days and the e-tickets for a swifter checkin it’s important to have a back up battery just incase yours runs out because that could be disastrous.

Burt’s Bees Marcella Wipes – I dont tend to wear makeup when I travel, yet god blessed me with terribly oily skin because of that I like to use wipes to clear away the buildup on makeup free days. The fact these are wipes rather than water means easier carry and less mess.

Lip Balm – Theres definately a theme when it comes to flying- avoiding the dry skin. Lips are included.

Sunglasses – Sunlight might feel great on your skin, but I’m not looking for premature crows feet from squinting! My Ray Bans are an absolute must for any vacay plus they’re great for hiding tired eyes as well.

I have attached a free printable packing list which may be handy if you’re like me and forget every little thing at the drop of a hat.

20 steps

Download HERE

I hope I have covered everything, but if any of you travellers think I have missed something please let me know in the comments!


Jemma xo

* This post does include affiliate links, this will not affect the price of the product. If you use the links to purchase an item a small amount of commission will be passed onto me. By doing this it allows me to keep posting great content for you guys to read.


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