No Spend Month – The Rules

So as a theme I’ve included one money post a month just because I enjoy it and also I think sharing any knowledge on finance is the key to success.Anyway since I’ve been saving for a house 2 months out of the year I will take a month where I won’t spend more than I have to. I think of it as a cleanse to my bank account, like a juice diet but in a financial sense. It is quite possibly the hardest thing a self gifting person can do, however after looking through my bank statements for the last few months reminded me how much this is needed…

Like any diet I’ve got goals to achieve:

  1. Reevaluate what I am spending each month and figure out how much is impulsive.
  2. Save a hell of a lot more than I would in a normal month.
  3. Show real restraint!


So for anything like this to work there’s obviously some guidelines mine are simple £5 a week on anything I want, this is almost like a cheat meal once a week to kick the cravings. The rest follows:


  • Nights out
  • Takeaways
  • New clothes
  • Luxury items
  • Makeup
  • Taxis (unless for work purposes)


  • Bills
  • Gym
  • Food (only for cooking – not lunchtime purchases)
  • Basic toiletries
  • Cleaning products

This is the first time since last September that I have done no spending and I know I’ve picked up some bad habits since then. I will be updating you on my progress and how I planned the month to make this as easy as possible. Now to lock my debit cards away and binge watch Netflix!

Have you ever tried a no spend month? How did it go?

Jemma xo


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I’m 22 with a full time job and studying on the side. I write about the things that make me feel passionate which is mainly make up, finance and lifestyle so there should defiantly be something for everyone. I hope you enjoy reading. Jemma xo Contact:

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