April Goals

Hi Everyone,

Happy Easter, I hope you are all enjoying your chocolate and are ready to start the next month! Unfortunately I will not be participating with the easter eggs as I have had a major flare up with my gallbladder and am now back on a low-fat diet. Talk about terrible timing. Instead of dwelling on that lets move onto goals for the month!

Stick to my no spend rules – You will be hearing all about tomorrow I am doing my first no spend month of the year which is going to be stressful. For me it is super important that I stick to my goals in order to be able to save as much of my wage as possible.

Finish reading #Girlboss – I started reading this at the beginning of last month and I loved it; the book was chatty yet slightly inspiring with how the brand was started it was great. The snow at the beginning of last month came and my travel was a nightmare somehow I managed to lose the book on a train which absolutely bummed me out. So I went out and repurchased it on Friday and I plan on completing the book by the end of the month because it is truly motivating to read.

Reduce hours watching Tv – I have no self-control when it comes to watching my favourite tv programmes. I completed Peaky Blinders beginning to end of series 4 in less than 4 nights… but let’s be honest John and Tommy absolute babes right? I need to reduce my tv hours to about 1.5 to 2 hours a night in order to be the most productive I can be.

Engage in the blogging community – I love blogging, it is the best thing I have ever done and even though I feel like it gives me purpose I know I do not involve myself with other bloggers enough. I read so many blogs, but my social awkwardness seems to extend to online aswell. I aim to start commenting on other blogs and just start pushing myself outside my comfort zone.

Focus on my exam – I have my first exam this month the second week of this month and I would really like to pass first time. So every day I will need to dedicate the minimum of an hour to studying. Wish me luck as I will really need it!.

This month is going to be super focused so I have no exciting goals! I am just hoping I make it though! Good luck to everyone else who is doing the same.

Jemma xo


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I’m 22 with a full time job and studying on the side. I write about the things that make me feel passionate which is mainly make up, finance and lifestyle so there should defiantly be something for everyone. I hope you enjoy reading. Jemma xo Contact: justjemma11@outlook.com

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