March Birchbox

Hi Everyone,

This months Birchbox is later than usual, I actually had to wait for a second box to be delivered. The first one was hidden by the delivery man in a bucket which was full of water… yes it is as mad as it sounds. Luckily for me I got in contact with Birchbox and they apologised, even though it wasnt their fault and sent me a new one free of charge. This did mean I had to wait an extra week for it to turn up for, but I really appreciated them resending everything.

So lets not drag this out any longer and lets get straight into the box. This months box is called Be Present Not Perfect, it is all about mindfulness. This box is supposed to be focusing on self-care and finding positivity which I really like the idea of.

Blaq – Peel Off Mask – £14

First up was my choice product, we had the option between the eye mask or the peel off mask. As someone who loves a face mask I was obviously going to choose that. This could be the worst idea I have ever had if it is a killer to take off, however I have not yet got round to testing it. The maks is supposed to unclog pores, clear away toxins and purifying skin. It should be noted that you should cleanse with a warm cloth to open pores before applying the mask. Also if you have sensitive skin you should patch text first, so I guess thats what I will be doing tonight.

Benefit – BADgal BANG! Volumising Maskara – £21.50

Yes Birchbox! I was so happy to see this product, this is Benefits new mascara which I have been unable to go on social media without seeing it advertised. By including it in this months box they have saved me from purchasing and potentially disliking this mascara. This mascara is supposed to catch EVERY lash and last upto 36hours… not that I would suggest wearing it that long! I did have to open this up straight away to see if it really was going to give me ‘gravity-defying’ volume. I dont know how I feel about this product striaght after its first use, yes may lashes look fuller and yes they are volumised… but I just dont know if I like the texture or the brush. I think I might just stick to my Lancôme mascara instead.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics – Radiance Split Pan Bronzer And Highlighter – £17 – FULL SIZE

For full size this is not as big as I was expecting, if you got last months tripple eye shadow this is literally no bigger than that. The bronzer definatly packs a punch, it is highly pigmented and extremely glittery with just the right amount of warmth. My only issue is I dont tend to use super glittery bronzers so this might be used as an eyeshadow instead. The highlighter is also the same, very pigmented and glittery which maked it a lot more useable. Would I pay £17 for these, No but they are a nice little tester.

Sebamed – Clear Face Antibacterial Cleansing Foam – £7.99

This is supposed to be a softer option to harsh chemical anti-acne solutions, being a foam you apply over your skin every morning and night then washing away within 5 minutes. The box says it will combat pimples and blackheads, deep clean your pores gently and apply an anti bacterial layer to prevent further breakouts. All of these things speak to me as I do not remeber the last time my skin was clear! I have never used a foam cleanser so this should be interesting!

Spectrum Collections C06 Tulip Eye Contour Bruch – £4.99

Who doesnt love a new eyeshadow brush and spectrum brushes are amazing plus they are animal friendly! I do actually have this exact brush already, but can you ever have too many? This is ideal for working into cease aswell as working the corner of the eye and for synthetic bristles these are super soft which is perfect for such a delicate area!

This was everything I receieved in this months birchbox and I am super happy with all of it! If you are looking to give Birchbox a go click here and get £5 off your first box!

What did you get in your Brichbox?

Until next time

Jemma xo


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6 thoughts on “March Birchbox

  1. So neat! I really do not know a lot about makeup and never know what to buy. It would be nice to have things I would not have thought of just sent to me so I could test them out. The mask looks interesting. Would love to hear how that goes.


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