How To Get The Promotion You Have Been Waiting For

The average person dedicates 45 hours a week to work… apart from sleeping this is probably what you spend money of the hours through the week doing. I know I spend roughtly 45-50hours a week in the office and another 10 hours travelling there and back. As we are going to dedicate so much time to something which for most of us is a need rather than a choice we might aswell do it well.In the last 6 months I have recieved 2 payrises, 1 bonus, free training to get my degree and a new job title all because I changed my attitude. The few things I done which allowed me to achieve all of this are simple enough for anyone to do.

Here are my 7 tips for helping you get a promotion or at least getting noticed:

Do more than just being punctual. Being on time is a good start, but to be noticed you should always be early. If you are first face your employer sees they will take note in a positive way. You will also not be chasing your tail with work so you have the option to chill out have a cuppa.

Dont say ‘I  can’t, I won’t or that’s not my job’. Using negative wording will not make you look like someone who is willing to help. This will make customers, other departments or your boss come directly to you when anything big comes up. Changing your wording to ‘I will look into it’ or ‘I am unsure of how to do that but I will find out’ this will make a huge difference than saying ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’. Be the person they can rely on to help.

Learn everything you can. The more you know the more you can do. Be a sponge, if there is a quiet moment in your job get someone to teach you some of their roles. Ask questions, take courses if they are on offer. Most companies want you to grow, it is a lot easier for them to train internally than to try and employ someone with the skills, but not the experience of how the company works.

Work through your priorities. There are certain jobs that are more important than others. I have a daily which helps me keep ontop of all the jobs I have to complete in the day. Some days you may be asked to do jobs which appear to be irrelevant or not highly rated, however if there is someone waiting on that job to be completed I would suggest doing it as soon as possible.

Be a team player. Make freinds not eneamies at work, dont undermine or climb all over your co-workers. If you aim on management or being the boss you dont want to upset the people who may one day be reporting directly to you. Make strong connections among your co-workers and further up the hireachy.

Be willing to adapt to change. There will be lots of changes within the dynamics of your job role over the months or years you are in a business. This can be due to many different factors, however being stubborn and not willing to adjust to these new situations will not help you out. Even if it isn’t what you might want at first give new ideas a go. This will be the best way at learning and gaining experience for if you do choose to move on.

Be innovative. If here is something in your role which is taking too much time and you potentially see a way of fixing it, speak to your boss. They will either be thrilled you are thinking outside the box or they will give you an insight to why your way wouldn’t work therefore giving you more knowledge of your role.

These are the simple steps which helped me in my role. Be confident give them a go!


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