What I keep In My Bag

Morning Everyone,

So today I thought I would let you dive straight into my life and show you what I have in my bag on a daily basis. Lets be honest there is nothing more personal than what someone carries around with them on daily basis so I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit into my life.My Purse, Work Pass and Oyster

This one was pretty obvious these go everywhere with me and I literally wouldn’t know what to do if I left them at home.

Hand Cream and Vaseline

I always seem to get super dry hands and lips especially whilst the weather has been so cold, so every single bag has a mini hand moisturizer and lip balm incase I need instant rehydration throughout the day!

Glass Water Bottle

I try to drink as much fluid as I possibly can as I remember being told when I was younger that staying hydrated is the key to healthy looking skin. I have a glass water bottle with a silicone casing as I try to avoid using unnecessary plastic. This is because it takes thousands of years for plastic to break down and also causes lots of damage to the environment throughout that process. I will link the water bottle at the bottom incase you would be interested in reducing plastic bottle use too.

My Planner

This book is my life. I literally wouldn’t know what I was doing if I don’t have this on me, my boyfriend is self-employed and so unorganised. Basically I’m his secretary telling him where he needs to be and what he will be doing from day-to-day and this book holds that information. I love the fact you can buy refills as well so if you love your cover, but need a new year or want to add a new section you pay £4-£8 and get whatever you desire to go inside. This one is from Paperchase, unfortunately it is a few years old and the line they currently do is £70 a book. I will link a few of the cute ones from amazon at the bottom if like me you love being on top of everything and need something that will fit in your bag.

Umbrella and headphones

No girl wants to be caught in the rain, think of the frizzy hair! For the unpredictable British weather I think this is an all year round essential. As someone who spends 2 hours a day travelling headphones are a necessity for either listening to a book or some good music.

Thats everything I carry! What are your handbag essentials?

Jemma xo

*The links below are affiliate

Pink Planner – £12.48 – Amazon

Black Planner – £12.48 – Amazon

Glass Water Bottle – £12.99 – Amazon

Stainless-Steel Water Bottle – £16.99 – Amazon


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I’m 22 with a full time job and studying on the side. I write about the things that make me feel passionate which is mainly make up, finance and lifestyle so there should defiantly be something for everyone. I hope you enjoy reading. Jemma xo Contact: justjemma11@outlook.com

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