Review: Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony

Morning everyone,

I hope you are all having a positive start to the week. If you read my December skincare routine you would know all about the trouble I was having with my skin. As the dryness continued over the Christmas period I had to purchase a foundation suited to my dry skin rather than my usual oily skin type.I usually do some research before buying, but honestly I didn’t bother this time. I browsed boots for an impressively long time before I bought a few different foundations in the hopes that I would like the way one applied. One of the foundations I purchased was Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony.


A multi-tasking product that will help you achieve radiant healthy skin whilst giving you a flawless foundation look. The intelligent formula means this foundation is better for your skin than wearing no make-up at all. A hybrid make up with a smart formula and intelligent ingredients which adapt to internal and external skin stresses over the day, as well as keeping your skin moisturised with 24-hour hydration and built in SPF20.

PRICE – £14.99 from Boots or Superdrug


Now there’s a few things that attracted me to this product; first being that there is SPF20, I know some people don’t like this for photo purposes, however sun protection is a big one for me even if I do live in London where it’s cloudy 300days a year! Secondly the fact that this foundation is supposed to be better for your skins than no makeup at all… I’m sure this is due to the sun protection and potential moisturiser. With all the issues I was having with my skin, if this is going to be potentially better than nothing at all I was willing to give it a go.

The foundation come in a heavy square glass bottle, which I personally prefer for its environmental factors. I also appreciate a heavy product as I feel it looks and feels more expensive. There is a black pump applicator with a twist lock lid, which is perfect for on the go as there is less chance of a leak.


I found applying with a brush then perfecting with the beauty blender was the best way of making the foundation flawless. It is a medium coverage foundation, which normally I wouldn’t wear, but honestly it seems to even my out my skin so I wont complain. If like me you are blemish prone or have any imperfections which you wish to cover you will need to use a concealer to cover these areas as it seemed appear thin on areas where I was feeling a bit self conscious.

The foundation applies slightly dewy, this is a nice change as I tend to only have the choice of matte most of the time. My skin looked glowing for around 5 hours before I realised I needed a touch up. This was kind of a bummer as I still had an hour until my lunch break. I also noticed very slight oxidisation to the foundation making the colour change on my skin.

I would suggest maybe going for a shade lighter than you normally would to try and counteract the oxidisation issue. As most days I wear fake tan the slightly darker shade doesn’t look obvious.

My skin has now recovered and returned to its normally oily self, since then I havent seen any change in the way this foundation applies which is perfect for those with combination skin! It has become my go to foundation for day to day use. I haven’t suffered a break out caused by the foundation nor have a found that my skin looks clogged up when using this.


  • Gives Skin A Natural Glow
  • Medium Coverage
  • Pretty Bottle
  • Reasonable Price
  • Doesnt Increase Blemishes In Oily Skin


  • Oxidises
  • Only lasts a few hours

So though this isn’t going to be my special occasional foundation. I have found that this Healthy Skin Harmony is still good foundation and the fact that it has been consistent with both my dry skin and oily makes this a fairly good drug store purchase.

What do you guys think of the Healthy Skin Foundation?

Jemma xo


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2 thoughts on “Review: Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony

  1. They aren’t ideal, I’ve found adding a little powder over the top of the foundation makes it last about 6/7hours full coverage. I do think I will most likely wear this as a summer foundation once I’ve got a bit of a tan.


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