Review: Kylie Concealer

Hi everyone, I’m super excited to be doing this post! I have been wanting to try kylies concealer from the moment it was advertised. Once it became available to purchase I was there willing to hand my money over


The Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealer is a lightweight formula that provides medium buildable coverage for a skin-like finish. The long-wearing concealer, available in an all-inclusive range of 30 shades, gives a luminous finish that looks just like your skin, and is ideal for all skin types. The buildable formula allows you to achieve your desired level of coverage. Wear alone for a natural, dewy look or pair with your favorite setting powder for a matte finish. Perfect for spot concealing, lightening dark circles under the eyes and hiding imperfections.

Product price: $20 (roughly £15)

First step was choosing my skin colour, now if you have read anything about the release of this product you will know there was some uproar about the fact there’s a no returns policy and nowhere for you to try the shades out first. Luckily for me I am pretty good at choosing my shade, I know my undertone so after reading a few descriptions I chose Gypsum and it was spot on. If you have an idea of your undertone and know roughly where you stand from fair to dark the website has good explanations so matching isn’t as hard as you might first think.

After over two weeks of waiting my Kylie Cosmetics box finally turned up and I was so excited; even though it wasn’t in time for Christmas it was here for New Years so obviously it had to be included in my New Year’s Eve look. For those of you in the UK as this was imported product I was hit with an additional £18.44 charge so be aware of that additional price.

The packaging is simple and in my opinion very classy I like the fact it just had a simple silver lid. With application I found it went on fairly tacky which concerned me for blending out, but honestly it glides across the skin giving an even coverage with one application. As this is only medium coverage you will need to go back in right under the eyes if you suffer from dark circles as mine were still slightly visible. The concealer layers well which is nice, I would say it this probably lasts about 5 hours before a top up is needed.


  • Medium coverage
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to work with/ blend
  • Can be layered
  • Not tested on animals
  • Wide colour selection


  • Creases slightly if not set
  • Costly for import if in the UK

For New Year’s Eve I thought this product held up pretty well and I liked the fact that even for Day to Day concealing it covers what needs to be covered without looking too heavy or unnatural. Overall I actually really like this product and I think for a first time concealer Kylie Cosmetics done well.

Are you going to be purchasing the Kylie concealer?


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