My Current Skincare Routine – Dry Skin

Merry Christmas everyone! We have less than a week until Christmas day, I cannot be the only person who is excited.On a less happy note I had a terrible reaction on my face about 2 weeks ago and it has left me with the driest skin. I’m usually on the more oily side of combination skin, but now my face is like the Sahara dessert with no moisture in sight.

This has really thrown a spanner in the works with my skincare as none of my products provide moisture. It has been a literal nightmare for me on a daily basis with most of my makeup also been mattifing or specialised for oily skin. So I thought I’d share what I’ve been using for the past few weeks to combat the dryness of my face.

I have a 5 step routine for my skin excluding eye cream and lash serum, this has not changed I’ve just had to swap my products.

So first up is Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 cleanser – this is supposed to remove impurities and pollutants, remove stubborn makeup including mascara and tone skin. I use this to remove all my makeup and then wash with lukewarm water to make sure my skin in 100% clear. I only use this only at night.

Second step is face wash. I like to make sure I remove all my makeup and also remove dead skin cells to help prevent my skin looking dryer than it is. I’ve swapped from the oily blemish prone Nivea general cleansing cream wash to the sensitive version. Prior to going out and buying the sensitive skin face wash I did try the soap and glory one, however it made my skin feel raw after use.

Next up is hydration. I bought Vichy 89 minerals after getting a tester in Cosmopolitan, it seemed to make my face feel more hydrated pretty much straight away. So after cleansing I apply this serum all over my face and I repeate in the morning after washing my face with warm water.

Step four is moisturiser. Nivea extra rich moisturiser has been a family favourite for years and my cousin swears buy this product for keeping her skin looking so soft. And her skin always looks amazing. I have used this cream on my body for a while now but as it can be used on your face aswell I now use it for both.

Lastly I apply my acne treatment. This was a random choice in acne treatment I wanted something that wasn’t going to dry my skin completely and the drying lotion by Mario Badescu didn’t seem to be helping my skin whilst it is so dry. This product is a serum which can be used all over the face or in specific areas for localised acne. I only tend to use this where I have a spot and so far I’ve been really impressed with how quickly it’s cleared up my breakouts I was seeing results within 2 days!

At the moment these products have seemed to mend my dry skin problem, now hopefully my skin will return to normal before Christmas or I will need new makeup aswell.

How many steps is your skincare routine?


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