Best Christmas Films

1 week to go until Christmas day! This is the week I binge watch all the films that I have been waiting to watch since last year. I have complied a list of Christmas films old and new that I will be watching to get prepared for the big day.Home Alone 1+2


These are absolute Christmas classics that I have watched ever year since I was little, in my eyes the first one is the best, but I do tend to watch both of them as part of a movie day marathon. I have always questioned if a family would be able to get all the way onto a plane and then realise their child is missing, let alone being able to do it numerous times.



“SANTA, OMG, coming here, I know him!” Will Ferrell is one of my favourite actors and this film has me in stitches every year no matter how many times I watch it. I love how clueless Buddy the elf is, this film always makes me feel the spirit of Christmas.

The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause.jpg

The Santa ClauseThe Santa ClauseWhen I was younger the idea of an uptight workaholic becoming Santa and having to be jolly used to make me really happy, I’m not sure why but hey I still love this film.

Christmas With The Cranks


Again a Tim Allen movie where the parents decide not to celebrate Christmas instead to go on a cruise… until their daughter decides to come home for Christmas. I feel like this would be me if I ever left home so I really appreciate the effort these parents go to to make their daughter happy.

The Grinch

The grinch.jpg

The grinch used to terrify me with his long fingers and creepy appearance, but when I was about 10/11… I know still a bit old to be scared of the grinch, I watched the film the whole way through and I saw the funny side of it. Now I just see myself as the grinch everytime I have to get ready for an event…or basically anything.

Daddys Home Two


This is a new Christmas film obviously, but I thought it was so funny… Will Ferrel makes me laugh and the cast for this film are just amazing. It will definatly be a film I add to my Christmas watch list.

A Bad Mums Christmas

Bad moms 2

Another new Christmas film, in my opinion not as good as Daddy’s Home 2 yet it is still very spirited and funny so again another one to be added to my Christmas watch list.

Jingle All The Way


An unreliable father who makes a promise to his son that he cannot break; half of this sounds like my own dad. He would go to the ends of the earth to keep his promise, unlike Arnold hes a bit more organised so never ended up in a situation like this one. I think even though this film is so old it still has some funny bits and has been a classic of mine for years.

The Nightmare Before Christmas


This is a new traditional film for me, my boyfriend and I have got into the habit of watching this whilst getting ready to go out on Christmas eve. As we always go out with our separate friend groups in the evening we always sit down watch this film as a preparty chill out.

Family Guy, American Dad and Southpark Christmas Specials

Tv shows.png

These three are not films, but I do seem to religiously watch the new Christmas specials after dinner on Christmas day.

I hope you enjoy some of these films as much as I do. What do you guys watch to get into the Christmas spirit?


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