Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – Is it worth a purchase

Spots and acne have been something I have suffered with for years. I have bouts of really good, clear skin and then out of nowhere and with no pattern I will have lots of imperfections. I know I am not alone when it comes to this and if you are one of those lucky few who consistanly has clear skin, I truly envy you!

Mario Badescu was first brought to my attention in a Kylie Jenner Snapchat video about a year ago, I’m sure some of you vagely remember… or is it just me?. Well in the video Kylie claims this is her go to product for treating her pimples and obviously if Kylie uses a relatively cheap product as her go to it must be good. At first I didn’t rush out and buy it as I always take celeb product advertisement with a pinch of salt, but then I saw loads of other people raving about it and I decided I’d give it a go once my current spot treatment run out. I had actually forgotten to purchase this until Black Friday deals on Beauty Bay reminded me I was still to test this magical cure.


This drying lotion is used as an acne treatment to clear and refresh your complexion effortlessly. With a blend of Calamine and Salicylic Acid the drying lotion clear breakouts even on the most sensitive of skin overnight without irritating. It costs £16 for the glass bottle – I always suggest glass over plastic because even though there’s a higher chance it will break if dropped plastic bottles are so damaging to the environment!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion instructions.JPG


Do not shake, dip a cotton swab into pink sediment, dab onto the pimple and allow to dry. Wash off in the morning and voilà pimple free skin.


So I was a bit sceptical that this wasn’t going to live up to my expectations, when you look at the bottle it looks a little dated and dare I say ineffective.  The application is painless, though you might look a bit funny, it made me really aware of how many blemishes I had.

The first week of application I applied onto red, sore looking whiteheads avoiding broken skin like instructed. It feels cooling on the skin which is sometimes nice when the painful whiteheads show up. In the morning I found that there was very  little to no change on the applied area. I was starting to feel like either I was doing something wrong or Mario Badescu’s cure was a lie which was a bit of a bummer.

On the lable is specifically says not to put on broken skin, but like the rule breaker I am I decided to try the drying lotion on some newly popped pimples incase. I found that there was actually signs of healing or they didn’t flare up again! Finally the drying lotion was doing something! Maybe this is the key, new pimples wont magically disappear like I hoped, but popped whiteheads will heal quicker. I know this isn’t the nicest thing to say yet this was the way I got results.


  • I forget I had the product on as it literally feels like nothing on my face
  • It has no complicated steps of long drawn out process literally apply, dry and sleep
  • Fits in nicely with my current routine
  • Doesn’t seem to have irritated my sensitive skin
  • Well priced, this looks brand new and Ive used it on a hell of a lot of pimples in the past two weeks


  • Where I sleep on my side I have noticed residue on my pillows from where I had fallen asleep before the lotion had dried
  • The fact I must use a cotton ear bud is annoying as they are plastic and as mentioned before I do try and avoid where possible

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

I would say that now I have found an effective way of using the drying lotion my skin clears up in nearly half the time it takes if left to heal alone. Plus it’s reasonably priced at £16 a bottle! In the two weeks that I have used the drying lotion the bottle has no signs of running out which is perfect for me!


In all honesty I don’t think this is a miracle cure, my skins has seen improvements since use so I would say yes. Though I would probably use it on top of my other spot creams.

Let me know if you have found a more effective way of using this or if your results matched mine!


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