Barry M Chrome Highlighter – Review

Highlighters are such a huge part of my makeup these days and with Iconic London being all over Instagram a few months ago with its highlighter drops many lower end brands have joined this trend too. If you read my december haul post from a few days ago you will know I got the Barry M Chrome Highligtighter drops. I have had a weeks use and so far I am really impressed.

These bad boys come in 5 colours as listed below and are priced at 6.99 a bottle. I got the colour At First Light, which is a rose gold shade and I love it! They come in a square glass bottle with squeeze tip aplicator which is both simplistic and elegant giving this a high end feel.

Liquid chrome Highlighter colours

The swatch below shows how one drop can go a long way the highlighter is both really pigmented and also really easy to blend out.

Highlighter Swatch.JPG


You can applying straight from the squeeze tip aplicator, but you can use a clean brush to apply. You will need a very small amount to build up a nice consistent glow. I found working the product with my index finger was the best way to apply and then I went back in with a beauty blender to make sure the glow was seamless. A little bit really doeas go a long way so I would suggest applying fairly sparsly and then doing back in adding more if needed.

Barry M Liquid Chrome applicator.JPG


Well damn. Barry M has created a great little product. As this is my first time using highlighter drops I don’t know how it compares to others. I might have to try out some other brands before crowning this as thhe winner, but I really like the way it is applied. I like the fact that there are a number of shades and I could see myself using Beam Me Up and Liquid Fortune as luminators in my foundation and on my shoulders and collar bones for more of a warmer glow.  The chrome drops don’t fade and also don’t mess with my foundation, which is a great touch. I hate applying a liquid on top of my foundation incase it interfers with the coverage.


Yes. As an alternative to some of the more ecxpensive brands I think Barry M has done a great job and I have actually purchased Beam Me Up whilst shopping for an outfit for my christmas work party.  I would actually rate these drops a 5/5 for lasting time, price, pigmnetation and colours. So this is definatly a product that is going to be in my everyday makeup bag.

What did you think of the highlighter drops?


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2 thoughts on “Barry M Chrome Highlighter – Review

  1. Ah I’m so glad you reviewed At First Light, that’s the one I bought and couldn’t find a single review on it! I think I must be the only person who doesn’t like these though, I can’t get them to work on me 😕


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