December Goals

Hi Everyone,

So, November has been and past and now it is December in my eyes apart from July (my birth month) this is the best time of the year! With Christmas so near it is easy for me to get distracted from the things which need to be focused on, like my goals. I am going to set 6 goals for this month as I think being a bit lenient this month is probably best rather than stressing myself out if I do not achieve the goals set.

  1. Have healthy meals 5 nights a week – It is easy to stray at Christmas with all the food and drink there is to indulge in. I need to try and have some healthy meals and what better way to keep it exciting than to try new recipes at the same time. So I’m thinking 1 new meal a week the other days I will stick to what I know and love avoiding all the unnecessary meals out and take always I get invited to around Christmas.
  2. Stay within my budget – This one should be a given, but with last minute drinks and gifts for others it is easy to suddenly find your well over budget. This month I’ve increased my spending on clothes, beauty and going out, as it is likely that I will spend more than I would any other month.
  3. Do something for those less fortunate – I feel like this should be done every month and especially at Christmas. With spirits so high it is easy to forget about those who won’t be having such a merry Christmas. This month I aim to do something good for others.
  4. Be early every day for work – The trains into London are a nightmare and even though I know there are likely to be delays I still get the later train into work. This leaves no wiggle room if my train is cancelled and most days I barely get through to the door on time which I really hate. This month I will get the earlier train as this will mean I have time to plan my day and get ahead of any extra work given to me, plus I always think it is better to be early.
  5. Experiment more with my hair style – I always have straight hair, naturally it is wavy but every day I straighten it and after years of doing so not only am I bored of the style, but my hair is looking a little damaged. This month 1 day a week I will try a different style or leave it natural.
  6. Do something new – I am a person of comfort, I like to do what I know and if I do anything new I have serious anxiety. I want to change that! I know if I set this as a new year’s resolution I will not go forward with it so instead I will start this month and hopefully continue into next year as well.

I will check back in about how my month has gone at the beginning of January. I hope you all have set goals for December and if so I would love to hear what they are.


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