Review – Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave

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Time for a makeup review today. I have a ton of eye shadow palettes and I really didn’t need another one, but on a Friday after a long day at work you’re allowed to treat yourself, right? So, as I have had a few expensive nights out and a few shopping trips my budget was a little tight to splurge on expensive makeup and for that reason I was so excited about this palette with 30 Shades for £9.99… how could that not lighten a mood.

This is a palette created by British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham. Thirty Shades of matte, glimmer and sheen combine in one palette for every which way smokey eye. From the lights of brightening base colours to the darkest most daring shades of navy, black and green and everything in between.
– Very versatile palette as stated above there is a lot you can do with this palette and it is great experimenting with the colours -FFTB is so appealing to the eye it has an amazing mix of colours and as I do love to play about with mixing colours they have all gotten a use even if it was only to find out It wasn’t the best colour for me.
– There are come highly pigmented colours which don’t need a lot of product to really do they job these are; Gold Coins, Green Machine, Smoothie, Transformer, Blacqua, The Revolution, Super Gold, New World and Sunset Hour
– For £9.99 the colours do have a long- life, I work 9 till 5 with an hour’s journey each way and with primer these held up pretty much all day which I would say is impressive.
-There is a colour for everyone in here, the palette has been designed to suit every age and I think there are defiantly colours to suit everyone which is perfect in my eyes.
-It comes with a make-up brush, I personally didn’t like this brush as much as my fluffy bigger brushed as I find them much easier to blend with however if you are into precision then these would be better suited for you.
– As I said before it is versatile however if you aren’t very experimental or you know you will not wear some of the colours maybe it isn’t worth the money
– There are a few shades that are less pigmented, maybe it’s just my pale skin or maybe it is shades, but I have noticed that Peachy, Creme, Tip Top and Latte need a little more building up to get them to the same density of colour as the others mentioned above.
Swatches done on primed skin




The Fortune Favours The Brave is a gorgeous palette, with matte, shimmer, satin and even baked eyeshadows in a variety of shades it is hard to resist! I was honestly really surprised by the palette not only does it hold a large mirror and a brush for the price I would say as a whole this is a winner in my eyes. Though the shadows are small in size a little product goes a long way which is why I would rate this product at 3.5/5
Let me know your thoughts on the Fortune Favours the Brave palette


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