The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask Review

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a good day, I’ve had a few days off of work to catch up on some study and as we all know you can only study for so long! On one of the afternoon’s where I decided I couldnt look at my notes anymore I went for a little shop, whilst browsing in the body shop i stumbled over the Himalayan charcol face mask, as they have already started their christmas promotions. I havent tried any of the body shop face masks before, but I have seen the range and they look interesting. I am always looking for a good face mask to include in my weekly routine, I have tried the purifying face mask from Lorael and my skin does not seem to get along with it. I have got two uses from the Himalayan mask and it might be a bit early to bay but I think I’ve forund a keeper.

This face mask is supposed to refine the pores and impurities and leave a nice glow. It is 100% vegan which is a nice bonus and is supposed to remove exess oil from the skin, which if like me you have combination of oily skin is a must in any purifying mask.The ingredients include Green tea leaves, organic tea tree oil and bamboo charcoal. Just in case you were wondering bamboo charcoal is used as an absorbtion prodcut, it is also environmentaly friendly.

Apply like any other face mask evenly over the sections you wish to see the results in. Once applied an almost instant cooling/tingling feeling will start. After roughly 10minutes the face mask will be dry and now you can wash it off with warm water, i found the green teas leaves add a nice exfoliating effect whilst washing. Then pat dry.

– Pores do seem reduced, even though this is not a long lasting effect, straight after removing the mask there did seem to be a slight improvement.
– It smells good, even though this isn’t really important I feel that it is a nice touch to have a good smelling face mask…
– Value for money, I would say there is a fair few uses per jar for a whole face let alone if you are using as part of a multi mask
– There is a nice cooling sensation through out the drying of the mask, which makes it feel as though it is working to shut off your pores. I think this may just be a Poulsbo of putting on the mask but I am not going to complain.
– Exfoliation when washing of the mask, I feel like this helps leave your face in a more polished condition and helps make the Himalayan mask a nice all rounder

– As stated before there is a nice smell maybe a bit too heavy for a face mask it is really over powering when first applying, but once on you cannot notice it.
– It is a little bit drying on the skin, I would defiantly suggest a moisturiser after use.
– The mask has a fairly intense feeling, so I do not know if it would be ideal for those with sensitive skin.

I would say this is a really nice product and I will defiantly be adding it to my weekly routine. I would rate this product as 4/5

If you have tried any of the Body shop face masks please let me know how they were. Until next time have a great day…


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