Motivation – November Goals

Work and Personal

  • Complete the second unit of my study. I need to keep up to date with my revision to help me get forward in my career. At the moment it is all going well, however with Christmas coming up it will become harder to keep on top of all the paperwork!
  • Find a new book to read. I have been reading a lot of finance books lately, but I cant say they allow me to escape into another world and shut off from my normal daily life.
  • Organise my bedroom. I try to stay on top of keeping my room tidy, but in the past 2months I have noticed my room has become fairly cluttered… I don’t know about you but I cannot function well in a messy room!!

Health and Fitness

  • Start Yoga. I love yoga, it is calming removes stress from my joints and is probably my favourite type of exercise.
  • Get some more fruit into my diet. I love the stuff but I don’t tend to go out of my way to eat it which is a shame so I suppose 2 items a day would be a sufficient improvement from my current diet which is probably cut up strawberries in my daiquiri when I decide to go out for drinks with my friends.
  • Go makeup free a few days a month. My skin is usually clear for the most part however with the change in weather I have been using more products and my skin has not been enjoying it!


  • Get my blog up and running. I have still got a few little bits in the background which I need to complete in order to have Just Jemma running as smooth as possible.
  • Get my first 5 posts up. As you can probably see I am new to the blogging scene and so my aim is to have at least 1 post a week up for the first month (hopefully more)and then figure out my rhythm.
  • Set up a day to post. Following on from my previous point I have a billion ideas for what I want to post however getting the time to research and write is a little bit harder considering I have a full time job and am studying as well.

Until next time… I hope you have a great November and have some goals set for this month as well…


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I’m 22 with a full time job and studying on the side. I write about the things that make me feel passionate which is mainly make up, finance and lifestyle so there should defiantly be something for everyone. I hope you enjoy reading. Jemma xo Contact:

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